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Aftercare guide

Proper aftercare is a key to keep your tattoo look great after the healing process.

The full healing process may take up to 4 weeks.
First stage is oozing and soreness (1-3 days)

after about 3 days scabbing begins.
Second stage after 1-2 weeks is itching and flaking.
Under the dead skin you'll start to see thin, fresh skin called "milky skin"
Third and the last stage is the Appearance. Your cloudy, blurred its because deeper layers
are still repairing. Eventually this skin will also peel off leaving you with
fully healed tattoo ready to be shown off or for potential touch up if necessary.


It's extremely important to follow all steps although failing the Aftercare guide

will not only result in the loss of free touch up but may also cause health problems.

Please read it carefully and follow all steps.

1. After 1 hour after the session, unwrap the foil,
wash with lukewarm water using hypoallergenic soap,
gently tap dry it with a clean towel.

2. If your tattoo is oozing blood or plasma before you go to bed
wrap it again with cling film and leave it over night.

3. In case you wrapped your tattoo over night follow step 1

4. From the first day after the session use Tattoo Goo lotion
3-4 times a day, making sure you have clean hands and skin is dry
do not overapply the cream, rub it gently making sure its absorbed.

5. As much as possible let your skin breathe. If you do so,
it might speed up the healing process.

6. If possible do not cover your tattoo with tight clothing 
which may irritate the skin or cause infection.

7. You are required to cover your tattoo in case you have to work
in dirty,dusty environement during the healing process.

8. Do not expose your tattoo to direct sunlight, water, sweat or dust
during the healing process.

9. Exercising especially during the first 2 week of healing process is
not recommended.

10. Don't scratch your tattoo if it's itchy. Don't pick scabs or skin. 
When your tattoo starts to flake let it peel off itself. 

If swollen for more than 3 days please contact me.

Please bare in mind all skin types are different so healing process differ from everyone.
Follow above guide to ensure a beautiful, lasting tattoo

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